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Welcome to Muaz Khan Apps!

Tools and Apps developed by Muaz Khan using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WebRTC and Canvas2D.

WebRTC Experiments!

WebRTC video conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing, pre-recorded media streaming, audio/video recording, text chat, audio only calls, broadcasting and hangouts, part of screen sharing, etc.

HTML5 Canvas Designer

Canvas Designer is a drawing-tool which lets you draw any shape on a single drawing-surface; also it auto-generates appropriate Canvas 2D API relevant code for you in relative / absolute shortened / unshortened formats!

HTML5 Curvature

Curvature is a designer / tool for curving. It generates Canvas 2d APIs relevant code in relative / absolute shortened / unshortened formats! It gives you full control over Bezier curves.

UseMe - Can I Use?

An easiest, quickest but comparative way of HTML5/CSS3 feature detection info. Designed by Muaz Khan (@muazkh) - data taken from:

Taxicab Management System

It is an automatic taxicab management system. It automatically determines (exact/appropriate) nearest available driver to request to pick the passenger. If the driver doesn't response while request predefined time interval outs; a second automatic request goes to next available driver; and so on; also the operator (of the same branch) is being alerted/notified for that driver's action (skip/deny/timeout or busy).

Private Chat

Share your messages directly, privately and securely!

getUserMedia Filtering

getUserMedia and CSS3 filtering effects like grayscale, sepia, invert, blur, saturate, opacity, contrast, brightness etc. Example: -webkit-filter: blur(3px);


getAllUserMedias — Getting all user medias using WebRTC getUserMedia API!